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Perfect Retreat Episode 2 Not There

January 29, 2022 Fiona Thraille Season 2 Episode 2
Dashing Onions Audio
Perfect Retreat Episode 2 Not There
Show Notes

PERFECT RETREAT, Episode 2 – Not There” is written and produced by Fiona Thraille

Please click here for the transcript and further credits.

TRIGGER WARNING: A panic attack

 In order of appearance

Shel - Nathan Blades

Sam - Erika Sanderson 

Andy - Robert Cudmore 

The Operator - David Ault

Zinnia - Sarah Golding


Music in the performance hall is
Can’t Stop Us by Mugzy (used with the artist’s permission – thank you).

The song "Vem kan segla förutan vind" is sung by Karin Heimdahl


Under CC0 licence From Freesound.org
Dawn chorus distant ocean.WAV by jackmichaelking 

Footsteps outside - Including ambience by Mochni 

Dawn chorus distant ocean.WAV by jackmichaelking  

Schritte auf Kiesel und gras - Steps on pebbles and gras by ramiroocampo
 Garden Background by Fabrizio84 
Foley_Cloth_Movement_Jacket_96khz.wav by Nox_Sound 
sfx_turnschuhe_auf_kieselsteinen_01.wav by aarom 

Herring Gull 2.wav by Canardo55  
 Distant small boat returning to marina.WAV by jackmichaelking 

Walking on wet and muddy marsh land with clothing rustle.WAV by jackmichaelking 

Waves breaking close by nickcase
seals_fishermans_wharf_san_francisco.mp3 by polymorpheva

Gentle ocean waves birdsong and gull.WAV by jackmichaelking 
 Foley_Cloth_Movement_Jacket_96khz.wav by Nox_Sound  
sea from cliff.wav by bruno.auzet 

Walking Pebbles on Beach - Zoom H6.WAV by lunchmoney
 Light Applause by ojosdedurazno 

 Door_Close.wav by Tabook 
 Library AMB.wav by PasekaM
 Adjusting Microphone Sound by XtremeAnimations  

Under licence agreement from Free To Use Sounds  
 AMBSea, Seaside, Rocky Shore, Waves Splash, Wash, Windy, Roviinj, Croatia, FTUS, 19232

MuscOrgn, Sea Organs, Musical, Sea, Calm, Adriatic Sea, Zadar, Croatia, Morning, FTUS, 19232, 14



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