Dashing Onions Audio

Der Tickentocker

October 18, 2019 Fiona Thraille Season 1 Episode 5
Dashing Onions Audio
Der Tickentocker
Show Notes


written and produced by Fiona Thraille
script edited by CJ Brittain

TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of death and mortality. 

Please scroll down for the script.

As explained in the episode, this is a short audio drama first released by Cooperantem Audio in 2013, now re-released here for Halloween. We hope you enjoy it!


The Film Narrator - Damian Haywood
Christina - Marleigh Norton
Alex - Pete Milan
Sheel - Kymm Zuckert
Dan - Dave Morgan


House on Leaves by Kevin McLeod from incompetech.com
and Avarice by Peter John Ross at sonnyboo.com

Sound effects from freesound.org
chairscrape2 by sinatra314
glass creaking by sgarrison2127
clockwork_inside_a_longcase_clock by Connum
horror drone 006 by deleted_user_10
Void Pad 2 by deleted_user_10
04108 closing display glass cabinet by Robinhood76
ripping off tape by krb21
tape by morgantj
Thunder in the City 11pm by klankbeeld
007 door opens and shuts by FreqMan
009 door opens and shuts by FreqMan
011 door opens and shuts by FreqMan
Clockwork_Stegasaurus_Toy by StevenBrown
metal_item_drop by Vinrax
girl scream frank by visions68
Male_Scream_3 by AlineAudio
Clank1 by BMacZero

Due to time passing, there is no transcript yet, but here is a PDF script if that is useful

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