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Perfect Retreat Episode 4 Sunk

June 25, 2022 Fiona Thraille Season 2 Episode 4
Dashing Onions Audio
Perfect Retreat Episode 4 Sunk
Show Notes

PERFECT RETREAT, Episode 4 – Sunk” is written and produced by Fiona Thraille

Please click here for the transcript 
(please note, the transcript is the script, which is usually almost exactly identical to the performances. In this episode, some scenes may feature a few extra ad libs!) 
and further credits.
Trigger Warning: Threats & a little violence; character has a panic attack; potentially supernatural sounds

 In order of appearance

Maja - Karin Heimdahl
Sam - Erika Sanderson 
Lavender Bee - Fiona Thraille
Zinnia - Sarah Golding
Alex - Lec Zorn
Andy - Robert Cudmore 
John - Matthew MacLean
Claire - Wendy Lap
The Operator - David Ault

The song "Vem kan segla förutan vind" is sung by Karin Heimdahl

Music in the pub is Aussie With An American Attitude, and
Music in the performance hall is Them People
both tracks are by Mugzy (used with the artist’s permission – thank you so much Mugzy).
Music for “It’s Alright to Write and Be with Lavender Bee” is 
Clean Soul by Kevin MacLeod

Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3514-clean-soul

License: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license


Under CC0 licence From Freesound.org  https://freesound.org/
canardo55_herring gull
walking slow on dirt.wav by ABouch
Walk on Gravel 1.wav by _stubb 
Dog barking in the street (Chile) by felix.blume
Flip Phone Handling.wav by SpliceSound 
Sip of coffee, swallow then "ah" by odditonic 
Spinning reel.wav by tosha73
sbírání a položení půllitru ze stolu - collecting and laying a pint on the table.wav by 13FPanska_Prochazkova_Lucie 
Glass_On_Bar.aif by bhweber 
Pouring a Beer from the TapS:  by zembacraftworks 
Door open and close 2 by dossantosbarbosa  Brela_HarborSub3.wavS:  by blaukreuz 
8-bit heaven by bullybilldestroyer 
Light Applause by ojosdedurazno 
Door_Close.wav by Tabook 
80 Drums Austin Roots Brush by tripjazz 
Treated Brushes.wav by doorknocker 
Improvisation on Major Scale - Trumpet (1) by emirdemirel 
Splash 4 by lurpsis 
light footsteps on carpet walk.wav by rsellick 
run carpet.wav by taure
woman run and breath.wav by MelvinJaepel 
pigeons_fly away_ wing flaps_CsG by csaszi 
Metal Shed Door Open 1 by Yoyodaman234 

Under licence agreement from GameDev Market
Game Jingles and 8-Bit Sound FX

Under licence agreement from Free To Use Sounds
Birds, Seagullls, Bird Cliff, Nesting, Cawing, Common Murre, Snaefellsness, Ocean Waves, Wind, Iceland, 19232, 01

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