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May 01, 2019 Fiona Thraille Season 1 Episode 4
Dashing Onions Audio
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written and produced by Fiona Thraille

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Geoff - Boyd Barrett

Margot - Erin King

Shopkeeper - Lec Zorn

Barbara - Sarah Golding

Ms B - Maria Micklasavage

Driver – J Thraille

Workers - Erin King, Maria Micklasavage, Whitney Johnson & Maya Peace


(THEME) Isla De Java by Zaire
(CLOSING THEME) Ensayo De Lo Por Venir by Zaire 

Many thanks to Zaire for making their music available for use in projects like this online.
Do check out their other work here.


From Freesound.org 
Zanka Note D by PanPiper5
Turkish open marketplace ambience by CaganCelik

Curtains by revolt2563
 Ceramic jug, bowl and bottle clank by kessir
 Foley Fight Moves Struggling by leonelmail
 factory by Trebblofang
 slide sounds 15 by adcbicycle

plasticPipeFlute1 by Zabuhailo

plasticPipeFlute2 by Zabuhailo

Howling Flute by jasonlee3071

Door Open Close Heavy Wooden Hard Loud Creak Seal Theatre by LampEight

Walking up and down metal steps by dbspin

traffic light Middle East morning boulevard echo off buildings throaty cars motorcycles horses some people sandy steps +car pull up stop door open close near end Gaza 2016 by kyles

traffic medium Middle East busy street echo throaty cars motorcycles horn honks2 Gaza 2016 by kyles

Cash Register bymonotraum

male-what-01 by artmasterrich
what by balloonhead
preguntaeh by isago17


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